We at Fun Family Fitness welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today.

Single Memberships
$40.95 — Monthly Draft (1 year)
$50.95 — Monthly Draft (no contract)

Family Memberships
$30.95 — Additional Adult (live in residence)
$15.00 — Additional Student (12+)

Special Options
$30.95 — Senior Adult
$27.95 — College Student (with paperwork)

Prepaid Membership
$375 — Adult - 1year
$300 — Additional Adult - 1 year

$180 — Additional Student - 1 year

Daily Pass / Class Pass
$7.00   — Day Pass (with guest or during office hours)
$35.95 — Class Pass Monthly Draft* 


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I understand that I am personally responsible for coming into F3 during office hours to receive ALL ACCESS CARD *
I understand that I don't have an official membership until I have been contacted by F3 staff. I am not able to use the facility as a gym member until contacted by staff.